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Mate OS

The only assistant you need. Works on top of your OS, performs actions, knows what's on your screen, works with programming IDEs, tools, terminal and more. Download for MacOS and Windows



Sees what’s on your screen

Mate is perpetually context-aware, ready to dive into a discussion because it actually 'sees' what's on your screen. Imagine it has eyes—literally. If you stumble upon a perplexing text, a document, or an error message, just turn to Mate for assistance.

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Files suggestion

Mate is intuitive, detecting when you're engaging with documents, PDFs, or code files in other apps.Converse with a PDF, iron out bugs in code files, and much more. Adding files manually is a breeze, too, with a handy plus sign or a drag-and-drop feature.

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Perform simple actions

Mate is designed to perform basic actions seamlessly on your computer.

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Use cases for real life

Create Google Calendar Event

In the midst of discussing a meeting? Mate can effortlessly create a Google Calendar event for you. Just instruct it by saying, "Mate, schedule a Google Calendar event for me and Sam, using the details on the screen".

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“ChatGPT it!”

We don’t want to provide ChatGPT a context, we want answers. Ask Mate to "ask ChatGPT about it" or "fix this error with ChatGPT," and it will open a ChatGPT tab, fully briefed with the inquiry.

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Write an email

Mate can craft an email using the context provided and seamlessly place it into Gmail or your email application.

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Engineering actions and features

Commands in Terminal

Need to remember a specific command or flag? Ask Mate, "list all processes in my terminal?” or "find text within files using grep"

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VSCode and Jetbrains

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Mate can detent files inside your IDE and help with your questions or tasks. And it can see your front-end too!

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Security and privacy is core to our design

Your queries and screenshots are fully encrypted, never stored, and never used for training.

Encrypted in transit

SSL encryption during transit.

Encrypted in rest

Industry-standart 256-bit AES encryption at rest.

SOC 2 en route

Currently being audited for SOC 2. Type II compliance.

Privacy first

We never store or view your screenshots.

Protected identity

Data and logs are untraceable back to an individual user.

Secure vendors

All third-party components are thoroughly vetted and secure.


What Mate is doing with my data?

Mate prioritizes your privacy—your data is solely used to provide you with the requested assistance. Queries and screenshots are encrypted, processed for your current session, and then discarded without being stored or used for training AI models.

How secure is it?

Security is foundational to Mate. We employ robust encryption for all data in transit, ensuring that your information remains confidential. Screenshots and queries are never saved, upholding the highest standard of privacy.

When exactly is my data sent to the server?

Data is transmitted to the server only when generating answers for you. The moment you request assistance, Mate captures a screenshot of the current screen, processes it to deliver accurate responses, and immediately discards the image thereafter.

Who can access the sent data?

Only the server can access your data and that too, momentarily, for the purpose of generating responses. Access is tightly controlled, with no external or unauthorized access permitted.

What can it see?

Mate can see everything that you can see on your screen—from text to images to graphs and code. If it's visible on your display, Mate can interact with it.

Does the resolution of my screen matter?

Mate works optimally with standard full-HD resolution screens. On larger 5K monitors, it might struggle with small text, but magnifying the screen can remedy this.

Can it see multiple screens?

Mate captures what's on the screen it's active on. For setups with multiple screens, it focuses on the screen where it is currently engaged.

Can it see under itself or do I need to move it?

No need to shuffle things around; Mate can 'see' beneath its own interface, ensuring no information is hidden from its view.

How do you make money if it’s free?

While Mate is currently free, and the existing features will remain so, we plan to introduce premium features in the future. We vow to never monetize your data—it's simply not in our business model.

How large can attached files be?

Files should contain fewer than 40,000 words to ensure they are processed effectively. If you exceed this limit, the system will notify you with an error message.

What file types do you support?

We currently support all text-based files such as .doc, .pdf, .txt, .json, .js, .py, and image files. We are committed to expanding our support to include more file types soon.

How does automatic detection of files work?

Mate automatically keeps an eye on open apps and the files you're using within them. It then suggests these files, sorted by their application window's z-index, in the chat interface. To use a file in your prompt, you simply need to click on it. This ensures transparency and control over your data. If there is something you prefer Mate not to see, refrain from querying about it. Rest assured, all screenshots are stored locally in the MateOS folder, which you can verify to ensure your privacy is intact.




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